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When it comes to true genuine talent, MK2K shows that age is truly nothing but a number.  Even at the age of 14 years old, MK2K has shown that he is a talented singer, rapper, and songwriter from Wallburg, North Carolina.  He is focused on taking his passion for music beyond his local community to a global level. His refreshing music shows better ways to incorporate lyricism in rap without using violence for views.  MK2K has garnered the attention of all generations and does not want to be placed in a singular genre as he expresses his thoughts and feelings artistically and honestly.  Recently, MK2K wrote and performed his school's first anthem in front of over one thousand students, faculty and parents.   

MK2K is already making huge waves, and with no fear he's not allowing anything to get in his way of making his dreams come true. 

"The end of a bad chapter is the beginning of a good one" -MK2K

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