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Mikey Blu Official Photo


In the current realm of music, algorithms can create viral trends that do not sustain careers beyond social media.  However, TikTok star Mikey Blu, is ready to show the world that he is much more than a social media influencer.  He is a singer, songwriter, content creator and a true artist.  Born into a musical family, Mikey Blu started singing in the church choir when he was just 3 years old.  His family moved from Kansas to North Carolina where Mikey grew up with an innate passion for music and entertainment.  After writing his first song in middle school, Mikey knew a career in music was his calling.  Currently, Mikey Blu has over 190,000 followers and is currently preparing to release new music after signing with Rare Gold Music Group, Summer 2022.  Mikey Blu’s purpose is to create music that he loves while creating songs that connect with people.  His music is an expression of his deep feelings and it all comes together with lyrical storytelling.  His journey is truly inspirational and he plans on sharing his path to solidifying his place in music with the world.  In addition to music, Mikey Blu has a BA in Marketing from East Carolina University.  Stay tuned as Mikey Blu gears up for a Fall 2022 release and prepares for tour shows in 2023.

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