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Tee always envisioned herself in front of hundreds..well, thousands of people doing what she loves to do. Dance became not only an outlet but a passion around the age of 3. From school dance programs, recitals, plays.. you name it, she was front & center performing. “I remember I use to wait for 106 & Park to come on to just to watch the videos” “Everything dance intrigued me.. At the time, it was the Aaliyah videos, Ciaira & when Teyana Taylor came out, yup her Sweet 16 (y’all remember that .. lol) I fell in love with dance even more.”

Dance was her release, it made her happy and she always danced like no one was watching. Tee’s influence in dance came very early and as she grew, she started to watch, copy, study and train to be who she knew she could be. “I always said I was meant for this. Cliché but my name is very similar to Teyana’s; we have the same first initial & last name, and my birthday is the same day as Aaliyah’s (R.I.P Baby Girl).” Tee finds beauty in all types/genres of dance. She categorizes her dance style as hard hitting yet sultry, bold, with a twist of you never know what she’ll do next. 

A few accomplishments: Teaching sold out classes, performing at Baltimore’s Pride main stage, performing at Baltimore’s Afram 2022, traveled to teach classes, performing/choreographing for local artists, even is certified in group fitness to mesh dance and fitness together. 

“Dance is art and I love sharing my talents with the world” 

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